Hey y'all! It's finally tomorrow!  Trouble is depressed with out the kids. She has been sitting in the hallway between the kids rooms for 3 days now barley moving from her spot. With every noise she has heard she'd run to the kitchen window to look for the kids to walk up the front porch.… Continue reading Tomorrow



Hey y'all! So after talking with my step daughter (who is 19 weeks pregnant) last night here are my thoughts on the word tether. From our very conception we are dependant on a lifeline. The umbilical cord attached from mother to baby acts as a tether providing support and nutrients. This tether can provide valuable… Continue reading Lifeline

A stay at home mom’s summer.

Hey y'all! The kids are still gone and won't be home until Saturday. It's hot and humid beyond words here. It's the worst torture but we haven't done anything to deserve this misery.  So what does a stay at home mom do when her kids are gone for summer vacation? One might watch TV all… Continue reading A stay at home mom’s summer.

Celebrate-9 years

Hey y'all! How awesome is love!!!! Today has been a wonderful celebration of my marriage!  We've always had at least one child with us for this occasion so this year was different. Special. Just a time for the two of us to look back over the years. How did these two love birds celebrate you… Continue reading Celebrate-9 years

9 years and still going strong! Here are some of my tips for keepin a happy, healthy marriage..

Hey Y'all! Happy Anniversary to my handsome cowboy! 9 years of marriage and I am still madly in's an amazing feeling!! I am so blessed to be married to my best friend! I love you hottie!!! Sadly most marriages these days don't make it. Although statistics vary about how many marriages end in divorce… Continue reading 9 years and still going strong! Here are some of my tips for keepin a happy, healthy marriage..