Legal notices

Here is where legal business is conducted. This is always boring to read but since I don’t want to get in trouble with the law I have to do this.  

I am so happy that you are a part of this blog by reading, commenting, and sharing! Doing so comes with certain rights and responsibilities.

Terms of Use

I am not a professional ( doctor, lawyer, therapist, social worker or any other professional giving advice, permitting, diagnosis, or treating) and that I am writing and sharing my advice, feelings, and opinions as a form of expression with those who chose to read them.  While I hope you find some things interesting and/or helpful be aware that you are reading at your own risk and of your own free will.   Seek medical, legal, and other advice as you see fit and as needed. I am in no way telling you these things will work for you or that they are in your best interest just that these are my personal opinions and experiences. 

I love your comments, responses, and emails but please refrain for vulgarity and/or inappropriate conduct as it will not be tolerated and reported when necessary.  I reserve the right to monitor all comments and block, remove, or report anything which I personally deem inappropriate or feel would be offensive to my readers or any age, race, creed, or economical status.

Copyright Policy

What you read on this blog will all be my own original writing from my personal thoughts, feelings, observations, and life experiences or that of my spouses, or children (which will be clearly noted and used only with their permission) unless otherwise stated. Likewise unless otherwise stated the photographs and video used on this blog are mine personally usually of my family, home, or other such related imagery. Unless otherwise noted I am the sole legal copyright holder of all material on this blog (posts, pictures, videos, thoughts, and feelings). This means they are legally protected.  If you would like to print or publish any or all content you will first need to obtain my written consent which I have every right to grant or deny for any reasons. If  you love my stuff and want to share it I would greatly appreciate it and you are more than welcome to do so long as you properly link all materials back to my page and do not change or alter my work in any way. In this event I would really love it if you’d inform me before hand. Also be sure to link my rules (this page properly) when sharing my content.

Any guest post by other bloggers including but not limited to my family members are also subject to all copyright laws and are equally protected.

In addition my blog name: it takes a Savior to raise a child is copyrighted. Use of its name without my sole written permission is prohibited.

Hold Harmless

Again please note that I am not providing any medical, legal, or other professional advice. If you do try anything I blog about please note that you are doing it at your own risk. You can and in certain situations possibly should seek advice from a licensed professional in your city, county, state, country, or other before putting anything into practice in your own lives. In other words I’m saying don’t try this at home or it’s at your own expense, risk, and discretion.

Privacy Statement

I am happy to share my life and the lives of my family with you but without your written (or typed) consent I will not share yours and I expect you not to share mine in a manner that is to cause harm or embarrassment or not I’m compliance with the above mentioned copyright laws. Remember all comments or likes are public and will be shared for the world to see if you chose to do comment or like. I will not sell any of your personal or contact information with anyone or to another company. 

There is advertising on this page. Please note that I am not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of advertisers, blogs, or links you click from my page. When necessary please read their legal statements and relay any questions or concerns in these situations directly to them as I am not an employee of the company nor do I conduct any business matters on their behalf. 

Reserve Rights

 I reserve the right to change my blog, shut it down, sell it, or change the terms of use at my own discretion with or without advance notice. This includes changing or deleting posts, editing comments, or disabling certain functions. I also reserve the rights to change content or niches at my own discretion. As you know nothing in life is certain or unchanging so please be flexible when changes must happen.

Advertisers and Sponsors

When advertising shows up on my site  that it’s an opportunity for them to deliver relevant information/ products to you.  If you chose to make a purchase off of these links I will be grateful for your support and please know that your prices will not be increased by buying things this way. 

Also please note that I am not responsible for the actions of the advertisers or sponsors on this site.  If you buy or use a product or service based on a link from this site you must resolve any issues with that company not with me. 

Any product featured that I share in my blog or I specifically recommend you can rest assured I have tried it, like or love it, and would purchase and use again if I had it all to do over again. Any opinions about products I talk about are mine and mine alone and you should do your due diligence before purchasing or using these items. I make no claims about these products just present my opinion after using them. If you see a picture of me, my spouse, or my children using it then it is something I would personally recommend and would love to answer any questions you have on the item or service. 

If it is just a general advertisement on the site that I don’t mention specifically or share pictures of our use and enjoyment then I may or may not have any knowledge on the product or service. If you’d like to know my advice or thoughts on the product or find out if it’s something I recommend please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Letters or comments to the Editor

I would love to hear from you and am interested in what you have to say so drop me a line! I will keep your identity confidential however I may reference our communication in blog posts or otherwise within my site. I welcome comments, suggestions, nicely worded criticism, advice, post suggestions, or anything else you would like to share. Just please remember back to the top of this page that while I do appreciate your rights to free speech I will not tolerate profanity, insults, or down right rudeness.

Thank you all for sticking around for this boring legal stuff. It’s necessary to protect me and my family as well as my readers. Hope you enjoy this blog.