Best ever coconut cake!

Hey y'all! My mom is the best cook in the world. No lie people love her food, crave her food, and go to great lengths to get her food. She's also the best cake baker. My mom used to make and decorate wedding cakes just for charge although they were the best cakes ever.… Continue reading Best ever coconut cake!


A stay at home mom’s summer.

Hey y'all! The kids are still gone and won't be home until Saturday. It's hot and humid beyond words here. It's the worst torture but we haven't done anything to deserve this misery.  So what does a stay at home mom do when her kids are gone for summer vacation? One might watch TV all… Continue reading A stay at home mom’s summer.

Celebrate-9 years

Hey y'all! How awesome is love!!!! Today has been a wonderful celebration of my marriage!  We've always had at least one child with us for this occasion so this year was different. Special. Just a time for the two of us to look back over the years. How did these two love birds celebrate you… Continue reading Celebrate-9 years

8 free or extremely inexpensive ideas for showing dad some love on Father’s Day.

Hey Y'all! I am so excited to celebrate my wonderful dad and the awesome father of my children! This year I will get to be with both of them so I am looking so forward to the day! Having a great dad is priceless! I grew up with an amazing dad and know how fortunate… Continue reading 8 free or extremely inexpensive ideas for showing dad some love on Father’s Day.

Celebrating Heavenly Birthday’s!

Twice a year the mood in our family changes. The kids know daddy's heart is sad. We celebrate the kids Uncle Ralph- both his earthly birthday and his Heavenly birthday. None of the kids or I had the pleasure to know my husband's brother because he died of cancer many years ago.  But the kids… Continue reading Celebrating Heavenly Birthday’s!