Life is busy but fabulous! Too blessed to be stressed…

Hey y'all! It's been awhile. Life's been insanely busy but that's not a bad thing....not at all!  Lily had a birthday! She's now 6 but still as tiny as ever. Grampa has a birthday too! School is going great for all 3 of the kids. Jack and Lily are learning a lot. Abbie has made… Continue reading Life is busy but fabulous! Too blessed to be stressed…


Home it’s where the love is! And DIY date night!

Hey y'all! We unexpectedly got the opportunity to come home for a few days.  I really feel like home is where my family is but in this post home is where it all started for us.  Cowboy and I met, married, and had our babies in Ormond Beach FL. This will always be the home… Continue reading Home it’s where the love is! And DIY date night!

Best ever coconut cake!

Hey y'all! My mom is the best cook in the world. No lie people love her food, crave her food, and go to great lengths to get her food. She's also the best cake baker. My mom used to make and decorate wedding cakes just for charge although they were the best cakes ever.… Continue reading Best ever coconut cake!

Deer sitting

Hey y'all! We are really ready to be in North Carolina. We can't wait for all the experiences mountain life will bring us. This morning my parents had a tiny precious visitor. Their dogs alerted them that something wasn't right outside. Upon going out they found a new born baby. Baby girl was very wobbly… Continue reading Deer sitting

The versatile blogger award!    My 1st blogging award

 I am so excited and honored to have been nominated by between the lines for my very first bloggers award! I never would have thought that I would be nominated for an award or that anyone would even want to read the things I post.  I enjoy following between the lines. Claudia is so real… Continue reading The versatile blogger award!    My 1st blogging award

If they can walk they can do chores

Hey Y'all! There is a lot involved in raising kids and maintaining a house. And part of raising kids is teaching them to maintain a house. Do you know that if a child can walk they are perfectly capable of doing chores? It starts off easy with putting away their toys and putting dirty laundry… Continue reading If they can walk they can do chores