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Hey Y’all!

We are the McClintock family. Since this blog will be about our family and the adventures of our life together I want to introduce you to everyone!

First there is Troy who is my best friend, hubby, and partner in everything I do. You will see that I frequently refer to him as Cowboy although he’s kinda not what you would expect for a cowboy. Born and raised in the mid-west his roots were deep in that very same “Small Town” John Mellencamp sings about. Luckily for me that small town boy grew to be a beach loving man. We met at the beach and really we believed that it would be our home forever but life’s rollercoaster landed us elsewhere. Cowboy is a construction guy which works well for this DIY remodeling girl.

Then we’ve got the kids…there a 7 between his, mine, and ours but our hearts know no difference and to us all 7 of them (and two grandsons and another on the way) are all ours.

The bigs kids as they are called around here are Troy, Macy,  Carly, and Maddy. Troy went  into the Airforce straight out of highschool. After serving our country he has worked for both NASA and priviate companies mostly geared towards engineering and airlines. Macy works at Cummins, is a newlywed, and is a wonderful mother of two handsome little boys.  Carly is free spirit who travels the country working the land as she goes. After her most recent visit with us she announced she’s expecting a baby due at the end of the year. Maddy is very talented singer and guitar player. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the big kids as often as we’d like.

The Little kids- we have 3 at home. Abbie is 11 and all girl. She loves crafts, cooking, and her younger siblings. Jack is 7 and all about star wars and Lego’s. He’s very interested in working with his daddy and learning everything he can about his daddy’s work. Jack wants to be an architect when he’s older. Our youngest is Lily and she has a personality that is larger than life. She’s determined not to let her tiny size (and boy is she tiny) prevent her from doing everything the rest of us are doing.

They are just so precious!

 Our 4 legged member is Trouble who’s a blonde lab. She’s is 1&1/2 and full of energy. She loves being involved in anything we are doing. Sometimes she lives up to her name although that’s not how she got it (maybe that will be a future post).

I’m Sarah. I am married to the love of my life and excited to share this journey with my best friend. My babies and my husband mean the world to me. The majority of the time over the years I’ve been blessed to be home with the children but when I have worked I have taught preschool. I studied child development and Early Childhood Education in school which has come in handy as a mom and home educator. I love homeschooling my blessings! I’m a Bible believing, family oriented, ice coffee loving, flip flop wearing, DIY doing, southern girl!

I hope with this blog to share some of my ideas but also use it as a way to get and give inspiration to other like minded families out there. 

Cowboy and I 10 years ago at universal studios

Atv riding in NC

He’s so good at pool I usually don’t get a turn but he looks so good doing it that I don’t mind

Celebrating Carly’s birthday 2017

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