Officially North Carolinian’s

Hey y’all! 

So we’ve been here a few weeks now…almost a month!

I feel like now we can say we are official resident’s of the great state of North Carolina. 

We’ve set up home and sort of established a routine. We got our temporary Drivers Licences and should get the real thing in the mail any day now. 

The kids wanted library cards so they could have their official North Carolina ID’s.

Troy has all kinds of work scheduled and yesterday was his first day of work here in the great Appalachian Mountain reagion. Although he’s worked everyday we’ve been here on our land and projects. And I must say with the office he has I don’t think anyone could complain about working here.

Troy was really blessed to start working for some wonderful people. He’s working as a sub contractor for a construction company here while starting to build a customer base for his business. The first client he has is a wonderful husband and wife who have the land and animals pictured above. She’s given us 2 coops and soon we will be welcoming some of her roosters and hens onto our homestead. She’s also getting our garden started with several mint plants, thyme, parsley, oregano, apple trees, and grapevines. Today she sent us home with 1/2 of this mornings collection of duck and chicken eggs.

The power company has established a plan to get us permanent power although the process has been a bit of a nightmare. Hopefully the installation process will go much smoother than the preliminary process. 

Trouble says she lives in Heaven now as she is certainly an outdoors girl. She follows us everywhere, run several miles a day, and wants nothing to do with being inside.

Although last week we weren’t sure she was going to be alright. We believe she got bit by a snake. She couldn’t walk on her back legs, wouldn’t eat or drink, and kept crawling off into the wood hiding from us. We prayed a lot and though she’s just a dog she’s certainly a family member and we couldn’t picture our lives without her. Thankfully God answered our prayers and she’s doing almost 100% better just limping a little now.

School starts on August 28th here so the kids are enjoying an extra long summer. They are all busy reading, writing stories of their new adventures here, and playing in the creek. The love having Nana and Grampa just up the mountain from us.

We’ve found the people up here to be the nicest we’ve met in forever. Everyone is friendly and wants to help us with our build. Sunday we will be taking the day off to enjoy some company. We’ve seemed to find a great group of people up here…my parents have been here for more than 12 years so I guess we owe the credit to them.

House plans are changing still but we are still extremely excited. Troy found a rock today that I’m certainly including in our house.

Stay tuned to keep up with our little adventure!

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