Hey Y’all! 

In moving to North Carolina we’ve been able to see many textures in nature. Although anyone anywhere can see and experience these different textures and we did observe them before but being here as brought is a new passion for nature. 

Since being here we’ve been outdoors a lot. We’ve hiked and worked on different parts of the land doing different things to prepare for our home to be built. These activities have brought is together as a family and given us the opportunity for a lot of educational conversations.

Also being here has given us a new favorite TV channels which has shown us many texture in nature I’m other parts of the world. PBS is a great family resource and educational tool. We have an antenna right now so all we get is 4 different PBS channels-2 cartoon and 2 educational. We sit down nightly as a family to see where PBS educational channel s taking us to explore. I recommend everyone take time to watch these stations as a family.

Here are some of our texture experiences from nature.



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