Fear of the unknown

Hey y’all!

As I lay here tonight- our first night in the camper- I can say for once I’m not scared. Ask Troy or probably anyone who knows me and they will tell you I’m a worrier. Not that I don’t trust God because I certainly do but can I say I am not at all a visual person. That is to say I cannot see how things are going to work or come together but they always seem to workout in the end. I’d be happier to know how it’s all going to work out (even if it weren’t good) than to not know what the future holds. Although I dislike snakes and bugs I will admit my true fear in life is the unknown.

We got the camper yesterday afternoon. God really blessed us through some wonderful people. The camper was located on our way (10 minutes off the interstate) and the family that owned it gave us a great deal and was willing to take payments on it. We’d pray that it’d all work out and it did. It’s totally a God thing.

The trip was going smoothly and even the drive in Atlanta was good with very little traffic which is surprising. I rode with Abbie and trouble.

And the little ones rode in the truck with daddy.

When we were about 2 hours out our situation took a turn and I saw all of our lives and dreams flash before my eyes. I was sure we were all going to be dead or that by some miracle would survive but barely and all badly injured. 

In the blink of an eye I saw the part where the latches hook to the top of the camper give way and come apart from the top. In another blink of an eye the entire top of the camper poped up as if the thing we’re fully set up to stay in. I was waiting for it to get enough air pulling it up and fly up truck and all but thankfully even in a bunch of traffic Cowboy was able to pull over and slow down so that didn’t happen. While he was working his way over a  piece of something came flying out at my windshield and I just knew Abbie and I would be dead. All I knew to do was say. I was able to move over enough not to hit anyone next to me and avoid the object crashing into the window however did still receive some damage to my car but just a few minor dents and scratches.

We were able to secure the camper back and we’re on our way rather quickly. The kids and the dog were great car riders. Trouble saw her first motorcyclist and let him know she didn’t think he belonged on the road. But all in all we were safe and certainly happy to be out of the car standing on our property.

All our troubles didn’t end there though. Because of the POA rules where we live the camper has to be parked so it’s not visible anywhere off the property which isn’t really a problem because of all our trees and it’s a ten acre lot so there are plenty of spots to hide it. The only issue is that in order to get it in there are a few sharp turns around trees which just wasn’t happening in the mud. Cowboy and I decided to unhook it and move it by hand once it was close to the spot we wanted. We put braces under the tires and it was even sitting on relatively flat land so we thought we were good to go. Troy moved the truck forward so we would have room to move the camper and then in an instant as he passed behind the truck the camper started rolling went right over the blocks pinning him between the truck and camper tow bar. It barely missed his skin and caught his shorts and sliced his hand but missed crushing his body some how by the grace of God. We decided to go get my dads atv and some help to finish pulling it into place but after assessing the situation and the days events it was decided to count our blessings for the day and stay with my parents.

Now this is getting long I know but hang with me a minute or two longer for the real point of the story.

Like I said I’m scared of not knowing the future or how it’s all going to work out. But as I lay here tonight with my love by my side and our beautiful blessings close by sound asleep I feel at peace. For once I’m not worried about how it’s going to work out or trying to run every last detail of the process through my mind. But as I lay here I can feel God telling He’s got this and I don’t have to worry. I know He didn’t bring us this far to let us down, if he took care of us yesterday He’ll certainly do it again day after day, and if He takes such good dare of even the least of beings surely He will care for us. “For goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life” He tells us. That’s certainly one of the Bible verses that I will be putting into the frame work as cowboy builds this house.

Here are some pictures of what we’ve gotten accomplished today.

Thankfully the new canvas in the camper didn’t tear at all just came out of the track

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