Home it’s where the love is! And DIY date night!

Hey y’all!

We unexpectedly got the opportunity to come home for a few days. 

I really feel like home is where my family is but in this post home is where it all started for us. 

Cowboy and I met, married, and had our babies in Ormond Beach FL. This will always be the home base for our family so it’s always nice to come home and remember the place we got our start.

The drive is about the same to Ormond Beach as it is to Purlear.

Trouble is not as excited about FL. It’s almost as hot and humid as Alabama and she doesn’t have the freedom to run and play with out her leash plus there is a cat here so yep that’s not fun.

Cowboy can’t go anywhere without working and in fact that is generally the reasons for our travels.

It was the green you see in the window.

  He has painted his parents house, done landscaping, fixed the pump and sprinklers, fixed the leaky toilet, fixed the leaky washer, and done plumbing work at a friends house.

We also had time for fun in the sun.and a birthday party.

Closest I could find was his middle name

We also made time for date night. A chance to go to our spot on the beach- the place we met, married, and raised our babies in the early days.

Date night doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive…just a little time set aside for us. We packed a picnic including some of our favorites- sushi, cheese & crackers, grapes, and some leftover coconut cake. 

We took our picnic down to our spot.and just hung out like we did back when we met.


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