Making memories

Hey y’all!

Is it me or as a mom to you look at everything as an opportunity to make memories? I want my kids to look back on their childhood and remember all the good times we had as a family not all the gifts or things they had.

As we celebrate Abbie’s birthday today, family, and fun we are reminded how precious life is. Nobody is promised tomorrow and no good deed can buy you another day or reserve a place for you in heaven. 

We are blessed with some amazing people in our lives. This morning we had the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing people. 

Co- founders of Costa del Mar Ray and Judy have a bond and marriage that amazes me. These to both have hearts of gold ( no I’m not referring to their financial situation) but are the most loving, generous, real people who’d do anything for others. Ray and Judy Ferguson have gone far beyond friends over the years,they’ve become family. I credit Ray and all his talks and friendship for my husband being the man he is today. Ray and Judy have been there for us in our best and worst situations always providing guidance, love, inspiration, and wisdom. Ray ranks #3 on my list of men in my life with my husband and dad holding spots 1&2. Judy is certainly 2ND place in my life  as far as wine go with my mom being the #1 lady in my life.

The visits are hard these days as Ray is suffering from cancer. He was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer about a year and a half ago. The treatment took a lot out of him but the cancer was gone for a short time. It’s back now and worse besides he never got his strength back from round one. Dementia has began to set in as well. With all this the love and dedication they have for each other is stronger than ever. Judy will stop at nothing to get the love of her life any treatment he may need and has completely adapted to her role as caregiver. She told me today ” I love him and could never put him in a home or not fight to give him the best as long as he’s around”.

Judy and I talk on the phone all the time. We talk about how treatment is going and what a great man Ray is. He certainly didn’t deserve all this but then again that seems to be how it goes frequently. I can’t imagine they day we lose either of them and of course don’t want to. But the truth of the matter is that day comes for all of us when someone special passes away. Until that day we will make the most of our time together and make as many memories as possible.

When it come to the kids I know that they don’t exact understand all that. Our kids have experienced death although never of anyone that close but the concept doesn’t really make sense especially to the little two. They pray constantly for Ray and they beg me to call Judy all the time. I know that they know just how special these two are to mommy and daddy.

As we celebrate today and any day I try to take the time to really enjoy and be present in the moment. I talk to our kids about the things we are doing and how blessed we are. I try to make even the littlest things the best event yet. I want my kids to tell their kids they had the best childhood and if my grandkids ask why I hope their answer has nothing to do with tablets, internet, or possession but that their answer is much deeper and revolves around family and experiences. 

Everyday together is a day I hope to remember for my entire life. Happy Birthday Abbie! We love you and are so blessed to have be a part of your life!!


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