Best ever coconut cake!

Hey y’all!

My mom is the best cook in the world. No lie people love her food, crave her food, and go to great lengths to get her food. She’s also the best cake baker. My mom used to make and decorate wedding cakes just for fun…no charge although they were the best cakes ever. I know everyone thinks their mom is a great cook but I have half of the world to back my claim.

There is one thing that is far superior to everything else ever made on earth and that is coconut cake. I dream of this cake. If anyone ever wants to make me something special or do something special for me then make me this. This is what I eat every year for my birthday and my kids even ask for it now for theirs. 

It’s the best thing you’ll ever eat.

Here’s how you make it.

Make an ordinary yellow cake mix according to the package directions. Our preference is Duncan Hines Butter Golden but anything you have will work. At this point you should take a tub of cool whip out to thaw on the counter.

After the cake comes out of the oven poke a bunch of holes with a toothpick but use care not to tear the cake. You need a lot of wholes so that the yummy goodness will soak in.

Next add one can of sweeten condensed milk.

After that soaks in about 5-10 minutes add cream of coconut over top…spread evenly over the cake. Be sure it’s cream of coconut and not coconut water. We really prefer Coco Lopez brand but lately we haven’t had luck finding it but I do find the Coco Lopez brand makes a difference ( this from someone who usually buys store brand).  Add at least 16 oz but I generally add 18 oz to me the more the merrier.

The brand pictured here is the best I’ve found if I can’t get Coco Lopez.

Let the cake cool completely and the cool whip topping fully thaw before toping with cool whip and coconut. 

Cut a piece and enjoy! And if you manage to have leftovers be sure to cover and refrigerator.


5 thoughts on “Best ever coconut cake!”

  1. Well, I might not have had such a desire to attempt this myself if you hadn’t added these mouthwatering pictures 🙂 It looks amazing and I can only imagine how it tastes. Can’t wait to try it!

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