If they can walk they can do chores

Hey Y’all!

There is a lot involved in raising kids and maintaining a house. And part of raising kids is teaching them to maintain a house. Do you know that if a child can walk they are perfectly capable of doing chores?

It starts off easy with putting away their toys and putting dirty laundry in the basket. As soon as they crawl they can begin learning to put away toys but it likely won’t go quickly and and things might not be put where you want them but it’s learning the process. 

What a child is capable of doing at certain ages will vary on a case by case basis but here’s how we divide our chores.

Jack and Lily take turns putting the silverware away. Abbie and I take turns washing dishes and putting them away.

Lily feeds the dog and Jack gives her water. Abbie and I take turns taking her out.

Jack and Lily sweep and Abbie helps when needed. Usually they all fight over who mops. Abbie and Jack vacuum.

I don’t believe cooking is a chore but Abbie, Troy, and I take turns. Lily pushes in the chairs at the table and washes it off, Jack puts condiments up and helps put leftovers away, Troy and I clear the table although the kids sometimes help.

I wash the laundry, Abbie or I move it to the dryer, Jack sorts, Lily delivers to each person’s room, everyone folds and puts up their own. The kids typically fold towels- Lily does wash clothes, Jack hand towels, and Abbie does the bath towels. Then the kids work together to put them away.

Cowboy and I do the rest of the cleaning. Although the kids frequently pitch in. Daily chores like cleaning the sink and generally keeping things picked up fall to whom ever the last one to use the item.

Things aren’t done perfectly but they are learning. My kids will learn how to do all of it. There are no boy jobs or girl jobs…that goes for careers not just house work.

What about you…do you have designated chores and does the whole family pitch in?


6 thoughts on “If they can walk they can do chores”

  1. Impressive! I have 3 girls: 5yo, 3yo and almost 2 yo…. They don’t do any of the chores. I’m too tired to explain, to ask, to point. How did you do that? I’m impressed! I should send my girls to you 🙂

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    1. I started from day one…that’s the only way I think I ended up with good helpers. When they were little they thought it was fun to do these things with/for mommy and now it’s just habit. It doesn’t always get done right but it’s always done.

      Start with one skill and make it a game with some sort of prize ( stickers is probably all little ones the age of yours need for motivation). After they figured out that first chore you can move on to the next task. It will be slow going at first but if you work on it everyday they will be big helpers before to long.

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  2. Three of my four kids are young adults now and I’m so glad they know how to cook, clean and do their laundry. My youngest is now a teen and he has a few assigned chores but mostly we all just pitch in to clean house together as things need to get done.


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