Hey y’all!

It’s finally tomorrow! 

Trouble is depressed with out the kids. She has been sitting in the hallway between the kids rooms for 3 days now barley moving from her spot. With every noise she has heard she’d run to the kitchen window to look for the kids to walk up the front porch. But then right back to her spot in the hallway she’d go.

Last night she snuck out the front door while I was cooking. Generally she would run away to a lake about 5 miles away for a swim and them come right back. But not last night. She threw herself down on the porch with a loud thud, stuck her nose out between the rails, and whimpered till 10 pm. 

We kept telling her tomorrow…not that she knows what that means and she even gave us a look as if she was saying I don’t have a clue what you people are saying. With every passing car she’d wag her tail but when it passed she’d yelp a bit. 

This is Trouble listening to the kids on the phone when they called to say good night

Cowboy got up extremely early this morning and took Trouble out. I woke up a short time later to find her in the window looking outside as if she figured out what tomorrow meant. 

Abbie’s had been texting us updates for the last hour and a half of the drive.

Luckly the kids arrived home rather early in the day. The kids were just as excited to see her as she was to see them. And daddy and mommy are the happiest of all!

Jack brought mommy a flower he’d picked.

This was a text he sent me from NC when he picked it

Lily was loaded with saved up hugs and kisses. 

And Abbie was proud to bring home a special mountain treat. The kids found blackberries in North Carolina. They picked a bunch and Abbie made us a cobbler. 

She used Ree Drummond’s (the pioneer woman) recipe and it turned out really good. The recipe can be found on Ree’s blog at

We are so happy to be back together as a family again!


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