Hey y’all!

So after talking with my step daughter (who is 19 weeks pregnant) last night here are my thoughts on the word tether.

From our very conception we are dependant on a lifeline. The umbilical cord attached from mother to baby acts as a tether providing support and nutrients. This tether can provide valuable support the baby needs but unfortunately all to often poisons are passed via this tether to an unborn baby.

Once we are born we still depend on our parents and caregivers though the tether may now be invisible or implied. When we learn to walk we hold their hand, we look to them for guidance, and for our basic needs however unfortunately all to often we are filled with poison although maybe not intentionally.

When we are grown we still seek that support. We may find it in friends, a spouse, or work again likely to be more an invisible tether but will we become very connected.  Sometimes we have a good source to draw strength and inspiration and others we have just the opposite. 

A tether can make or break someone. Lead us and guide us building is up when we are down. But likewise a tether can break us and beat us leaving us a broken mess to pick up the pieces our selves.

However from the very start and all along the way we all have the ability to have the strongest, steadiest, unfailing lifeline.  If we seek the all mighty, all powerful is on the end of the line. No matter what we can always reach for our tether and God is on the other end. Not to judge or shame but build up and unconditionally love.



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