Celebrate-9 years

Hey y’all!

How awesome is love!!!! Today has been a wonderful celebration of my marriage! 

We’ve always had at least one child with us for this occasion so this year was different. Special. Just a time for the two of us to look back over the years. How did these two love birds celebrate you might ask…let me tell you.

We sat around this morning and enjoyed a cup of coffee (iced for me and hot for him) in or PJ’s. We made breakfast together because it’s romantic to cook together.We went to the library and rented a few movies for a snuggly movie date later tonight.  Then for our favorite date of bowling.

He’s a really good bowler and lots of fun to watch
Unfortunately like with all sports I am not so good
Unfortunately as with all sports I’m not so good

We had leftover games from cowboy’s birthday (ssshhhhhh don’t tell the kids) so we each got 3 free games and free shoes. I’m cheap so it’s exciting when I don’t have to spend money!After bowling we shared sushi for lunch. And bought things to take home so we could make homemade spaghetti. We cooked together (again it’s romantic) and made giant meatballs stuffed with cheese…yummy!

We sat at the table and talked forever before moving this party to the couch. We snuggled close and watched movies all evening. We even enjoyed a blueberry milkshake- one glass, two straws.

It’s probably the most we’ve ever done. I’ve enjoyed every years celebration but this was especially nice just two love birds spending time together! Xoxo cowboy!


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