A stay at home mom’s summer.

Hey y’all!

The kids are still gone and won’t be home until Saturday.

It’s hot and humid beyond words here. It’s the worst torture but we haven’t done anything to deserve this misery. 

So what does a stay at home mom do when her kids are gone for summer vacation? One might watch TV all day, go shopping, or hang out with friends but not me.

Aside from cleaning and packing up things for the move (boring) this mom finds ways to stay busy.

I go to work with my hubby. I know nothing about building pools though he’s taught me pretty much anything else I could ever know (or that I want to learn) about construction. This is my opportunity to learn how to build a pool with my man.

I eat more sushi because there are 3 less mouths around begging for it. I’d rather share.

I study and prepare for this coming school year. It’s amazing how you can relearn things that although you still know the result you have forgotten how the process goes. The English language really is pretty complicated…I don’t remember all the rules I guess but I make it work.

I look at old pictures of my family. I love to look back on the days when they were babies. 

I’ve competed in some friendly Xbox competition with my man. And beat him a few times when he has challenged me to archery competition.

I talk to the dog as if she is my child…and yes sometimes I give her silly voices and make her respond…my kids think it’s hilarious when I impersonate the dog.I think trouble has missed them the most.

Yes I have taken a nap or two sometimes even with my cowboy. I even caught trouble napping now and then.

I sit in my kids rooms and play with their toys. It’s what I’d be doing if they were here. I send them pictures and make up stories to go along with it.

(Hey pal! Trouble has been crying at your door. I took her in to see what she was upset about and I found that your Dino’s have been playing Lego’s. Peak(the orange Dino) is the president again and he’s shooting off a rocket with his brother(named slow) on it to the moon because he wants to be an astronaut. Peekaboo(the turtle who is the baby Dino’s daddy) came to see the launch.)

Yes I know that I am crazy but that OK because my kids love it. And my cowboy gets a kick it of it and gives me a big grin.

I spend time with God because without Him I’d go from crazy to insane. This time without my kids gives me a feeling I can hardly contain. It’s not good and I do complain.

This mom misses her babies but as miserable as I maybe without them I know that they benefit from the love and experiences a grandparent like theirs can provide. They are such lucky kids because not only do they have parents that love them so much but awesome grandparents too!

There will be a party when the return…lots to celebrate as now it’s my turn. .


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