Child like faith…

Talking to the kids on the phone last night they each recounted their day. Their stories all fairly similar… Nana and Grampa took us all out today. It was fun until the boat started having engine problems. 

The youngest being only 5 she’s typically scared of everything. While talking to her about what happened (I’d heard the whole story twice by this point) I asked her if she was scared with all this was going on? “Oh no mommy I wasn’t at all scared” she proclaims like a big girl. I told her I was happy she wasn’t upset by all that was going on but inquired why she wouldn’t be scared in this situation.  “Well mommy” she began as she always does when she’s getting ready to say something wise beyond her years. ” See God was there with us”. She knew that God would take care of them. She said that everyday even  when everything is good God was there for her.

Amazing how a 5 year old knows this so well. Often times we sail through life and in the good times we tend to forget that God is there with us. Certainly when we are sailing through rough seas though we begin frantically searching for Him to calm the storms. Oh what peace and joy we’d all have if we could live our lives with child like faith to know that good or bad God is always the captain who with a steady hand and perfect plan sails us through life.


Below are pictures of my sweet, sassy, wise beyond her years, little princess Lily!

Lily and her bear Moonie (because she’d obsessed with the moon)
Lily on Raven rock at the top of our property in NC
Lily in Florida

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