Hey y’all!

It’s been a long day already though just 10 am. See we’ve been up since 3 and on the road since then. This family of 5 plus our faithful companion all filled with excitement for their travel. None can sleep as we talk and giggle. We all know this trip will change of lives for the better.

Finally there the car doors fly open and each one scampers in a different direction. The kids so happy for their new land. The dog happy to freely run around. Dad anxious to get started grabbing his tools and headed off to start. Mom unpacks and takes a moment to relax. The view is incredible, the air so clean, this life we will live is like a dream. 

Each day is new a gift from the Lord. As soon as our feet hit the floor we open the door and we know that we’ve really scored.



4 thoughts on “Scamper”

  1. Just gorgeous this path God has taken your family. The memories you will embark on. The pictures are breathtaking. All this on a Sunday morning. Keep looking up, and being in awe of Him. You have an amazing family grace that is read in blogs. Very happy for you, and God is so rad!!! Have the best day surrounded by all He has given you!!!

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    1. Thanks! We wish this was us today but it was a few weeks ago….the kids are still there enjoying it. We are back at home dreaming of it.
      We try to be a family for God. Who shares His love, grace, and blessings with all the world.

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