Hey y’all! 

So I guess the word of the day is passengers. Let me tell you about my 3 little passengers.

See once they were passengers I carried in my womb. Feeling each kick, each roll in my belly- that was amazing! Knowing that a tiny little life grew within me, depending on me for everything- that was amazing! As each one grew so did our anticipation of meeting this new passenger that would be joining our family.

After they were born they were still my passenger. I carried them until they could walk but even now that they have grown considerably I still carry them as passengers in life. Guiding and protecting them along life’s road. 

Each passenger has its own traits, desires, and needs. 

Take Abbie who is all girl, grown and wise yet still needs mom and dad as she grows fast.

Next is Jack our buddy and pal. Strong and independent yet so connected with emotion. He doesn’t want to grow and become his own but knows that no matter we’ll always wait at home with support and encouragement.

Last you’ll see there little Lily B. She’s quite a bit sassy. Boy is she a character. She’s already so big yet she’s tiny. She’d be the life of the party but chances are a bit whiny. 

Each passenger their own but yet all the light of my life. To take this journey without them or their father I’d not care for that adventure in life.



15 thoughts on “Passengers…”

  1. I love my baby dolls little passengers…they are all truly a gift from God …the Bible says that blessed is the man who’s quiver is full..mine is definitely full and I am definitely blessed…thank you Sarah for all my babies….I love you!!!!!

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      1. We’ve been kid free for a week so we’ve had nothing better to do than stalk each other and send mushy lobe notes back and forth…lol!
        No we didn’t discuss it with the kids when they called last night…I’m leaning towards Valley View Christian Academy.

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