Help…we need a name!

Hey y’all!

I’m pretty sure y’all know that we homeschool.

 Here I’m Alabama we have to have a cover school. So our family has just used the cover schools name as our name which would go on diplomas. 

While researching our homeschool move to North Carolina I found we have to name our school. It needs to be the name we want on our diploma and we can’t change it once we file it.

So I’m here looking for suggestions. Below is a little about us, where we will be living, and some of our general thoughts on naming.

  • We want it to be a real name 
  • Nothing crazy or silly because this will be on college apps., job apps., and so on
  • Our town in NC is Purlear
  • Our mountain is Buck Mountain
  • Our road is Valley View
  • The name of our land is Junebug acres
  • We are a Christian family

Alright y’all any suggestions?


17 thoughts on “Help…we need a name!”

      1. I was going to let the kids name it but figured putting star wars academy or doc mcstuffins school of snuggles wouldn’t on job and college applications wouldn’t work out so well.

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