A daddy’s love for his little girl and a little girls love of Strawberry shortcake

Hey y’all! 

Cowboy and I came back home on Saturday…boo! And the kids are still in North Carolina…double boo!

We went to the grocery store and cowboy picked up strawberries. That is little miss Lily’s favorite food. She’s the kid that hates to eat everything..seriously everything except strawberries.

When talking to her on the phone today I became very nervous when daddy told her he bought strawberries without her.

See anyone else a simple thing like this and she’d disown you. (In addition to not liking food she doesn’t much like people so it takes very little for one to be on Lily’s bad side). She told her daddy he better eat strawberry shortcake tonight…a piece for him and a piece for her. He of course agreed to. 

Because the kids aren’t here daddy added something a little bit extra.

 It cooked off when he heated it so technically they could have eaten it if they were here.

Unfortunately daddy didn’t buy the cake’s at the store. Typically I grocery shop for a month at a time (minus milk and produce) so I didn’t have everything I needed to make homemade cakes. So mommy improvised.

It’s delicious…certainly not like the real thing but a yummy treat. And it made Lily happy to know daddy made two (the secret is mommy ate one). 


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