Moving to paradise.

Hey Y’all!

In the above picture cowboy and I are standing on what will soon be our front porch of our log cabin. 

Our house has been on the market for nearly 6 months now and we’ve been waiting for it to sell so we could move to paradise. 

We came to Wilkesboro North Carolina about a week ago to visit my family. My parents cabin sits on 7 acres towards the top of a beautiful mountain community. 

The kids at Nana and Grandpa’s

They own a 10 acre lot down at the bottom of the mountain that they’d wanted to build on eventually but they’ve realized that they were happy where they were and aren’t going to build. So we are buying it from them to build our dream house.

Cowboy will be doing all the work and we are using logs from our land.  He and my dad have been clearing the land this week so we can get perk tested and pull permits.

He got a little bit stuck here

We’ve made some adjustments to the house size and where it’s going to sit and the size but now we have decided on a 36’*36′ house and we’ve decided finally on the location. Below is Abbie helping measure out the house.

This is side to side
This is front to back

We’ve been so blessed each night to be able to go to a friend of my parents house and sit in the hot tub to relax aches and pains.

This hot tub belongs to a wonderful couple who own a huge lot that features it’s own private water fall. The kids love this house be cause it features an amazing game room with tons of arcade games, pool table, air hockey table and amazing big construction trucks they get to operate.below is the kids playing in the arcade at Christmas time.

Be sure to check back for updates or you can follow our progress over at cowboy’s blog


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