8 free or extremely inexpensive ideas for showing dad some love on Father’s Day.

Hey Y’all!

I am so excited to celebrate my wonderful dad and the awesome father of my children! This year I will get to be with both of them so I am looking so forward to the day!

Having a great dad is priceless! I grew up with an amazing dad and know how fortunate I am for having been blessed so greatly. I have also come to realize how blessed I am that my husband is such a great dad…that’s been a blessing to not only the kids but also to me. I love the close bond my kids have with both their dad and mine and I know they do too! Here my dad and cowboy enjoying game night with the kids…wp-image--385457234

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and I know sometimes money is tight or you cannot for the life of you figure out what to get that hard to buy for man in your life. I’ve got 8 ideas for you to show your man some love and let him know how much you appreciate him.

  1. Deliver coffee to him in bed. Of course not to early! When my hubby sleeps in a little later than I do I brew his coffee, fix it up how he likes it, and deliver it to him in bed. If the kids are old enough let them deliver the coffee (fixed to his liking) and they can climb in bed and snuggle with dad. You could also include donuts or muffins with the coffee for a breakfast in bed. It’s simple and free but shows dad he’s appreciated!wp-image--14945706
  2. Homemade gifts and cards. We all love handmade items our kids make for us. It’s something we will keep and treasure forever! Lily takes this one to the extreme and starts weeks early making dozens of cards and gifts for any and every holiday. Use Pinterest or the web to search for projects that interest your little ones then head to the dollar stores to gather supplies needed. There’s so many things you could create inexpensively and even with little to no creative talent.
  3. Make a grill caddy for your chef. One year I got a simple plastic storage bin with a lid and filled it full of cowboy’s grilling essentials. In it I put our favorite spices,aluminium foil, a meat thermometer, oven mitts and grilling utensils then whenever he was grilling all he had to do was grab that caddy and he was prepared. Customize this to your grilling needs. I think it’d look really cute in an old wooden tool caddy or in a metal tool box. Along side this have on hand something for dad to grill because he’ll want to try it out and hey we gotta eat don’t we?
  4. Mow the grass or help out with another household chore dad usually does. At our house I generally mow the grass anyway since he works so hard all week I know it’s something I can do to help him out. If you don’t already do it why not for a week or two. Or take the trash out. Anyhow just small gesture you can do to to help him out will show that you appreciate him.
  5. Fishing trip. Cowboy loves to fish so we will pack a picnic lunch and head to the river. A day with his favorite people doing something he loves can be a great Father’s Day gift. And maybe he’ll even catch dinner to go along with that grilling caddy! ( make sure to check out your local laws and obtain a fishing license if required in your area).wp-image-1349162980
  6. Camping trip. By camping trip I mean anything from pitching a tent in the backyard, a local camping spot, or an adventure traveling to a really cool somewhere. In a tent or luxurious cabin many men would love an outdoorsy getaway the family. Pack the fishing poles cause you can catch dinner and use your grilling caddy.
  7. Family fun day. This could be a movie marathon at home as a family where you pop some popcorn and snuggle in your pjs all day, game day on a gaming console or board games, hiking, swimming, bowling, whatever your family finds fun.
  8. Decorate you home and have a dad party. Hang streamers, balloons make a banner, and use the fine China. Have everyone dress nicely and celebrate dad at dinner.

When it’s all said and done it’s not about the money you spent but the love you show. Some of our most meaningful celebrations have been extremely frugal. Time together as a family and time for your hard working man to relax can be the most amazing way to celebrate your love for him.



2 thoughts on “8 free or extremely inexpensive ideas for showing dad some love on Father’s Day.”

  1. Nice ideas for Father’s Day. It’s so important to make memories that will be remembered, right? I think those are a whole lot more meaningful than spending lots of money on gifts.

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