Knocking down walls and expanding our little nest! Doing a little DIY remodel to create an open concept living.

Hey y’all!

Before long I think that you’ll see my love love (or obsession) with remodeling. No lie as a young kid I was always rearranging my bedroom furniture. That’s what I did for fun just ask my parents they will tell you. I’m lucky cowboy has such talents to compliment my little obsession because I’d never be able to afford my remodels if I didn’t get the wifey discount.

We bought our house in foreclosure which was the greatest blessing. A lot of times homes are stripped of cabinets, toilets, light fixture, and damaged but ours was not. And it was cute-ish! I knew my passion for remodel and cowboy’s talent would make it amazing but I did have to convince him we should buy it. After 3 weeks it was ours and the kids and I moved up here with him. 

I can’t find pictures but I know they exist. The house was just a box – plain and boring with 4 walls and a roof. In it were a bunch of basic simple box shaped rooms…no-one saw it like that before any remodeling so we are the only was that know it from start to finish.

Not long after buying the house we began the conversation about having/wanting an open concept living space. You’d have to agree with me that open concept is the way to build a house right? So in the cold of winter we started the project by building a living room off of the kitchen. We took the window and opened it into a doorway and framed in a new living room. I tried my hardest to get it bigger but was not successful. 

After 3 crowded years and some hints being dropped not so subtly my plan became reality and we were expanding again. The expansion included knocking out one of the exterior walls of the house but because cowboy is so skilled at what he does it all went pretty smoothly. In about 3 weeks we were able to double the living room space and some rearranging in the kitchen allowed us to frame in the duct work for the a/c and add a pantry.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to score much material for this project from the dump but the carpet was scored from the dump. Also because the part that we closed in was already a covered porch we were a step ahead when we started.


The open area was all exterior wall. 

 Above the sink was a large window that over looked the porch.

 I love hanging out glasses and mugs here.

And hanging my pans here.

Can you believe that living room didn’t exist a short time ago and is now my open concept living space?!?!

Do you have an open concept living space? It’s totally made a difference for us since we created the open concept and my only regret was not getting it done sooner.

This project lead to the moving of our laundry room (to make the pantry) and dividing the old living room in to the much needed school room and 3rd bedroom. So of course that gives me material for future posts.


3 thoughts on “Knocking down walls and expanding our little nest! Doing a little DIY remodel to create an open concept living.”

  1. Looking great! I love remodeling as much as you do and I completely understand all the things you’re talking about 🙂 I have to ask: I saw guitars hanging in there…does somebody play? Me, my husband and son all play and have a band we’ve been in for several years.


    1. Thanks!
      And Troy plays guitar. The kids try to play. Guitars actually out number people around here…lol
      The guitars you can see in the pictures have actually been made into lights that will hang in the game room at the new house.

      Liked by 1 person

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