I cant imagine my life without…

Every year we do a project in our family to get to know each other better. Silly as it may sound each of us changes over the course of a year. Not only do we grow or change physically but our likes and interests change as well.

Last year was a puzzle. I took a poster board and made puzzle pieces out of it. Each family member decorated it however they felt best represented them using magazines, pictures, glue, glitter, markers, stickers, or whatever else they could find. They did a great job and actually represented themselves extremely well. We talked about how even though each of us were different our family wouldn’t work right if we were missing a piece. It takes each and everyone of us for our family to be a complete unit.

This year we are looking at things a little bit differently and writing about things we can’t imagine our lives without. I was happy that the first thing they each put on their list was God and then from there I saw each one of their personalities shine through.

Lily isn’t much for having pictures taken and convinced sister to help her write hers.

Cowboy: God, My wife,kids, faith, my tools, my phone, truck, coffee, hope, electricity, and steak.

Me: God, my cowboy, my babies, my parents, diet coke (it’s my addiction), chocolate, coconut cake (that my mom still makes me because it’s awesome and so is she), iced coffee, pictures of our lives, electricity, sushi, and snuggling my loves.

We are all different but have a lot of the same things listed.

What about you? What can you not imagine your life without?



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