Shower remodel

Hey Y’all!

So when you get to know me you will see  I am frugal and you’ll also see that I am always coming up with projects to remodel our house. 

We are dumpster diving, reclaiming, repurposing fools around here. We live down the street from 2 gold mines…I mean dumps. We have to take our trash out there and typically can find something we can use. We’ve scored drywall, good carpet and area rugs, Barbie’s dream house, bikes, deck wood, appliances, paint, toys and clothing galore, furniture, and honestly the list goes on and on. It’s so much fun!! Anyhow this project isn’t from the dump goods but except for the concrete and 2 packs of decorative stone tile it was completely free to remodel our master bathroom shower.

Our master shower started out as an ordinary plastic tub with plastic wall surround. At 17 years old it was starting to peel off the walls and just looked cheesey and after 4 years I was sick of it.

I approached the subject with cowboy knowing he would agree it needed done but also knowing that the answer to all my DIY projects is no at first but as always he quickly saw my vision and agreed. Now I know that this look won’t be for everyone but it works and it was so cheap to do.

First we took out the old.

Then framed in the flooring, poured the concrete, put a Bible verse in it, and let it dry.

Once dry we played around with different ways to lay our free tile. The grey was leftover from a job cowboy did and although we’ve already used it in several different projects we have a lot still left. And the black tile came from an estate sale his parents did that nobody bought.

We laid the tile and grouted it.

And hung the corrugated metal that cowboy got for free at the end of a job because the company he worked for a few years ago had originally hung it all wrong.

 We caulked down the seems of the metal,let everything dry, and show it off. It took about 3 days but not working on it full time those days. We’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. What do you think??


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