Easy Stuffed French toast

Hey Y’all!

As you will soon learn if you follow me for any period of time I will not make any claims to always make the healthiest of foods. Now don’t take that to mean we don’t eat healthy because most of the time we do. We have fruits and veggies each and every day but sometimes we have those yummy not so healthy indulgences. This one is one of those not so healthy but oh so yummy breakfast.

Below you will see my husband’s idea of stuffed French toast and I know you’ll love it plus it’s super simple. But before I share how I make it let me ask you a question. Are your kids like mine in that the second their feet hit the floor they act as though they are starving and have to eat before the coffee is finished brewing?

Simple stuffed French toast

First take out a box box of frozen toaster strudel. If you’re like us this is a good opportunity to put the glasses of milk in the freezer so they will be ice-cold when breakfast is served. Let it thaw while the coffee brews.

After you drink enough coffee to function safely around a hot stove you may proceed as follows.

In large mixing bowl whisk together 2-3 eggs, a splash of milk, and cinnamon.

Then dunk the toaster strudel in the egg mixture

Place on skillet with a small amount of melted butter and make just like you would regular French toast. Flip when golden brown on bottom.

Remove, plate, and top however your heart desires. Some suggestions from our house (aside from the frosting an syrup) include : fresh berries, whipped cream, nutella, and peanut butter.



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